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Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy.  Covid resulted in cancellation of dozens of shows in 2020; as we reach Spring 2021, some shows are starting to pop up - YAY - though appears for a while that shows will likely remain livestream or a hybrid of livestream and in-person. To learn more,  about upcoming shows and other news, see my latest newsletter here . 

Hate That Kinda Love. This song was written after several weeks of struggling to understand the love that drove a mob to attack our nation's capitol on January 6.  It will be released as part of a compilation album of original  music by Philly artists issued in February 2021.  More details coming soon.

Nobody's Baby Now - A song, inspired by memories of the monster tornado that hit Louisville in 1974 when I was a small child. Really though, a song about my parents. Grateful too that my sister Jane was able to visit me in May  and add some of her beautiful violin to this demo track. Looking forward to formally recording this in a few months.

The Measure. This song was written for a compilation album of original  'holiday' music by Philly artists.  All proceeds from the album support Philly area non-profits -click here to go to the Bandcamp page to download the album.  The song is also available as a single - click here